Montana did good by student loan debtors this legislative session.

The spring that was in state legislatures

Memorial Day is bearing down upon us, and with the arrival of summer, state legislatures are on their way to wrapping up their business. So how did public higher education fare in state capitols this 2015? Read on for highlights and lowlights. Early this year, a peculiar law in 22 states caught folks’ attention: defaulting [...]

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Corinthian Collapse

After nearly a year in precarious financial straights the last 28 campuses making up the for-profit Corinthian College chain closed last week. During this final act of their performance as an institution of higher education you would think Corinthian would be conducting itself as maturely as possible to protect their reputation for the hundreds of [...]

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Contingent faculty are in the spotlight for National Adjunct Action Week

Across the country this coming week, AFT’s 80,000 contingent faculty members will be taking action to demand justice in their workplaces and inform the public about the overuse and exploitation of adjunct and contingent faculty. Activities will range from visibility actions to rallies to teach-ins to marches. Below is a list of AFT affiliates who [...]

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